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Connecticut’s Health Information Exchange

Connecting people for better health.
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Our Mission

Connie’s mission is to enhance the health and well-being of Connecticut residents through the provision of health information technology services. These services empower consumers to make effective healthcare decisions and promote patient-centered care. 

Our Vision

The vision of Connie is to serve as a statewide advocate, leader, and catalyst
for the adoption of health information technology and health information exchange services, which bring tangible, meaningful, and sustainable value to stakeholders across Connecticut. 

Our Value

Connie brings significant value to Connecticut's healthcare and patient community by connecting healthcare stakeholders across the state, creating a more integrated, patient-focused healthcare system that improves patient outcomes and facilitates meaningful data connections and collective progress toward healthcare equity.  

What is Connie?

Connie is the designated Health Information Exchange (HIE) of Connecticut. As an HIE, Connie facilitates the secure and confidential exchange of health information among healthcare organizations such as doctors' offices, hospitals, labs, and radiology centers, ensuring seamless coordination of care.

Established in 2019 and governed by an appointed Board of Directors, Connie plays a vital role in supporting the exchange of health data throughout the state of Connecticut. Connie is an independent, nonprofit organization designed to be neutral, and trusted by all stakeholders.

Authorized by state statute, our primary purpose is to promote interoperability that enhances the quality, safety, and value of healthcare delivery for organizations, providers, and residents across Connecticut.

How Connie Can Help

Connie is revolutionizing healthcare information delivery for providers, enabling enhanced decision-making capabilities that can lead to better patient care. With authorized access, Connie users can view vital health data in critical emergency situations where you may be unable to provide your medical history. Authorized healthcare providers can access Connie to note allergies or medical conditions that could impact your treatment.

Furthermore, Connie makes it possible for connected providers to know when you’ve been admitted to the hospital. Connie also contributes to reducing healthcare costs by enabling your providers to quickly retrieve previous test results and lab reports, preventing redundant tests, and optimizing resource utilization. By fostering seamless information exchange, Connie empowers healthcare providers to deliver personalized, well-informed care.

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Secure clinical query portal for comprehensive patient record access and collaboration.



Real-time image sharing for authorized users, improving care quality and speed.

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Consolidated medication history for efficient patient care and viewing.



Real-time alerts for patient admissions and discharges, improving care coordination.

Connie Services Highlights

"Before my practice was using Connie, many providers were frustrated. There was delayed care, and patients had to bring in information, which wasn’t being monitored. Why rely on patients to bring all their information in when we have technologies like Connie that can automate the process? The onus is not on the patient, but on the healthcare industry for not facilitating better care. By utilizing technologies like Connie, we are able to drive the future and make it more efficient for both the provider and patient to experience healthcare at its finest."


- Albert Villarin MD FACEP


Nuvance Health

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